Jeux d'enfants

02 October 2013

After a big summer break, we're back in action! August in Greece is quite hot, so knitting woolen treats isn't always a pleasure at that time of the year! Despite the weather, our needles didn't quite rest and those toys were the joyful result!



Babar, l'éléphant

Zoé, la giraffe

 We haven't given a name yet to those little stuffed bears, that hide a tiny bell inside, but we did give a name to the elephant and to the giraffe!So, meet Babar and Zoe!
What do you think?!

 Stay tuned!!

Tiny outfits

19 July 2013

Summer isn't quite the season for knitting, especially in Greece! The heat is an inhibitory factor usually, but thankfully there is plenty of colourful yarn to alter the situation! A lot of babies were born or are going to be born during this particular summer, so the latest creations have to do with tiny sized little creatures, be it a boy or a girl!




 The blog is back for real! Unfortunately a lot of things, such ass mandatory exams and daily routine, kept us away, but hopefully we're back! A lot of ornaments and knitted stuff were created lately, so please stay tuned!

 Have fun!!

The Shoe Factory

26 March 2013

grey-blue mary janes with bow

 Mary- Janes and moccasins are the most comfortable shapes for babies. Therefore, they form our handmade knitted shoes collection! Every single one is unique, soft, handy and cute, but most of all they're knitted with excellent quality yarns and lots of love!


Sometimes, they come together with a little wooden box, but we're still working on that project!!

lilac-pink mary janes

lilac-blue mary janes

bordeaux bordeaux

moccasins blue-green

grey-blue mary janes with bow

Sometimes they're classic and romantic and sometimes they're funky! Depends mostly on the mood! My mom has perfected this mary-jane design and it has become an intemporal value! The past three days have been quite productive, and those above are not the only result!They're the cutest thing of our creations (i.e. my mom's mostly!)

 G & E

Braided comeback!

17 March 2013

After a very very long time we decided to bring this blog back to life. This way, you'll be kept up to date with all the Petit Tricot news and creations, needless to say much more easily! Our website though is still on, and until we manage to have a proper e-shop, you can purchase anything you want via our website.

 Some of our last beloved creations are those braided headbands. They're good both for cold and sunny warm days! Both headbands were created while siping coffee and devoring pancakes - aka pure bliss!

  photo IMG_8344_zpsad5ba403.jpg

 photo IMG_8349_zps3267d20d.jpg

 photo IMG_8338_zps5e2ebf79.jpg

 photo IMG_8377_zpsda6194dc.jpg

 The first one, made out of a lavender colour woolen yarn, is a typical braid, whereas the second dreamy colored one, is slightly more complicated! (Unfortunately, we don't have any photos of this one, while being created, because there wasn't enough daylight. The pancakes were still a company though - seems like we ate a lot of them the past week!)

 photo IMG_8378_zps6e7714c0.jpg

 photo IMG_8501_zpsdecb7b4d.jpg

 Have fun 'till next time! :)

 G. &. E.

Size: super tiny!

16 December 2011

Goodmorning! :)

It's Christmas in almost one week from now!Nothing's better than a warm and cosy present - even if you're under 12 months old, or even if you're a little older than that!!

baby shoes in black and red with red bows and buttons, 15 €

Baby shoes in white with mint, pink or light blue details, 15 €

Envelope like clutch in a sort of blue-grey, with laura ashley fabric on the inside, 30 €

Σήμερα ξεκινάει το 2ο Share your Art Bazaar, στη Βίλκα, στη Θεσσαλονίκη!Θα χαρούμε πολύ να σας δούμε εκεί!!