The Shoe Factory

26 March 2013

grey-blue mary janes with bow

 Mary- Janes and moccasins are the most comfortable shapes for babies. Therefore, they form our handmade knitted shoes collection! Every single one is unique, soft, handy and cute, but most of all they're knitted with excellent quality yarns and lots of love!


Sometimes, they come together with a little wooden box, but we're still working on that project!!

lilac-pink mary janes

lilac-blue mary janes

bordeaux bordeaux

moccasins blue-green

grey-blue mary janes with bow

Sometimes they're classic and romantic and sometimes they're funky! Depends mostly on the mood! My mom has perfected this mary-jane design and it has become an intemporal value! The past three days have been quite productive, and those above are not the only result!They're the cutest thing of our creations (i.e. my mom's mostly!)

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